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(March 28, 2020)

Sorry that I have not updated for sometime however whilst I am well at present things have not been that good over the last few months. Now we have the Virus to put us all to the test thats for sure. I would like to thank all my customers for your good wishes over the last few months and to say sorry the the earlier events which i was going to be at this year have all been canceled which I am sure you will all understand under the current situation we all find ourselves in. Once we get the all clear and I am sure if we all follow the gidelines we will we will be back out and about. In the mean time you can still contact me and I will be happy to reserve Post out to you as soon as I am able by next day delivery. So adopting a bear is not a problem. Yes Patricia is keeping busy by making new creations and I have also been very busy knitting for the baby unit at the local Hospital just to keep me on my toes.

My message to all my customers and anyone visiting my site is very simple please stay safe take care and follow the advice thats given we will all get through this and beable to meet again on those Fabulous amazing Teddy days out.

 Berry Wishes Patricia   

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