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Start of a New Year

(February 11, 2022)

Hello all you lovely Bear Colletors lets hope we all get a chance to meet up again at Fairs this year. Thank you all for your continuing support to Dari Laut Bears over this very difficult times. Christmas turned out to be very busy for me with many of my creations not getting to my site sold before I had a chance to show them going to faraway places over seas, and I am pleased to say they have all arrived safely now and enjoying their new adopted homes. Many of my collection now have extra discounts on so great time to pick up that bargan. Also remember our lay away service which might help you secure that bargan. Whilst looking take a look at some of the new boys and girls on the block. The great news is I have at last opened my shop online just click on the Shop on my site and you can see and if you wish purchase on your visit to Dari Laut Bears without having to contacted me to arrange purchase and sometimes being disapointed that the Bear has gone. Once again a big thank you to all my customers for your 2021 support, and for adopting those lovely Bears. Keep safe and hope to see you all soon out and about.          

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